Thursday, May 17, 2007

Chemical & Engineering News

I sent Chemical & Engineering News an email awhile ago following some excellent articles they had on homeschooling and homeschool science curriculum.

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate that Chemical and Engineering News is not only talking about homeschooling but reaching out and providing information to those of us who are frustrated by the lack of secular science materials for homeschooling. Sometimes it feels a bit like we've been forgotten by those in science education. Thank you and the author, Linda Wang, for reaching out a hand and offering some support.

I just wanted to let them know how seeing their article made me feel. That was back at the end of April. I got this reply today;

Dear Ms. Adams,
Thank you for your recent letter to the editor of Chemical & Engineering News. We have decided to publish it, and it will appear in an upcoming issue of the magazine. We appreciate you taking the time and interest to write it.

Rudy Baum,
Chemical & Engineering News

I like getting my letter published but frankly having Ms. Baum write back and let me know my comments had been appreciated was the best. I hope more people in science follow their lead.

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