Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day

Sunday started rather late as we'd all been out at a party the night before to celebrate my sister's birthday and my brother coming home for a week. My sister filled a water bed mattress with air and the kids amused themselves for the next four hours with jumping, bouncing and rolling off the thing. That left the adults free to have a few drinks or sneak out to the garage for some fun with burning herbs. I stayed sober and out of the garage as I'm chronically anal. We grabbed the kids around midnight and went home but boy, we sure slept in the next morning.

So once we woke up a bit it was off to church for the believer mom and the two undecideds'. Harry doesn't usually go because the one time I brought him I spent most of my time scraping a crying pile of boy of the church floor but I didn't have a sitter so he came. And he liked it. He had fun in Sunday School and thought the music was nifty. He and Catherine were the only two people in the church that didn't recieve communion since they aren't baptized but it didn't bother either of them. Doesn't bother me either. Maybe they will get baptized, maybe they won't, but it will be their decision. I honestly think the biggest stumbling block for Catherine in getting baptized is, well aside from the fact that she thinks the trinity is just silly and the Greek Pantheon makes more sense, the fact that she'd have to drink wine. It's icky stuff in her books.

Oh, they did call the kids up to the front. They were handed carnations and told they could give them to their moms for Mother's Day. I should have another kid so I get three next year. I'm always up for freebies. Maybe I should adopt a quiverfull philosophy. I could get a whole bouquet.

The rest of the day was wonderful. Catherine gave me the gift of help and patience when dealing with her younger brother and it was the most wonderful way she could have expressed her love. Harry, inspired by the atmosphere was sweet and helpful. I have such awesome kids and it's such a gift to be their mom.

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