Tuesday, May 29, 2007


My posting has slowed down lately. Hopefully this will be temporary. The past week, current week and next week are all a little crazy with Brownies wrapping up for Catherine, soccer starting for Harry and Catherine, choir and my course. Also, my husband's on vacation so all the odd jobs and yard work that have been neglected for the past 5 years are getting addressed.

Last night was Harry's first soccer practice. The little guy has been talking about this for a month and a half, showing off his cleats and telling anyone who will listen about soccer. Within 5 minutes on the practice field last night he was crying and claiming he couldn't kick the ball. Back he went into practice and back he came crying claiming he couldn't run. This happened a few more times and we eventually left early. I think I have a little perfectionist. I think, for the last month and a half, he's been imagining himself as a soccer star and when last night came and he wasn't the star he felt defeated.

I think we'll kick around the soccer ball this week and talk about different expectations for soccer like fun and play. If anyone has any strategies, feel free to share them.

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