Friday, May 25, 2007

Simple Machines

I did a grade 3 science test with Catherine a couple of days ago. She did well except for any questions on simple machines. Somehow, we've missed covering simple machines lately. I know we've done a bit because in exploring pyramids we'd talked about ramps and levers...Of course that was about 4 years ago.

We visited BrainPop for some short films on inclined planes, levers, pulleys and wheel and axels. Brainpop is definately becoming one of our most used resources. After that we mosied on over to Edheads which has some great games that helped Catherine identify not only the four simple machines from Brainpop but also gears, wedges and screws.

Today, if she ever manages to doddles her way through math and grammar, I have a couple of worksheets for her to do and plan to send her on a treasure hunt for examples of simple machines in our home.

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