Saturday, May 12, 2007

Some actual stuff about the kids.

It is so cool to see my daughter working away at math problems that would have stumped her just a few months ago. I know, I know, I know that many kids who never use a math curriculum can be math whizzes. At the same time there's a certain joy in building skills page by page with structure and practice. Yesterday the proof was in the pudding as Catherine zoomed through her Math Mammoth work with ease.

It was also a great day for Harry. He had seen Catherine and cousin Madi playing Fisher-Price Pet Shop ealier and after they were finished with her computer he wanted to give it a try. I started it up and hovered for a few minutes but he didn't need me. He can now work the mouse like a pro, navigate the program at will and fully understan the instructions given to him by the narrators. Honestly, I was bursting with pride. Catherine caught on to computers before she was two but it's been a long time coming for Harry and now I'm so happy to say I'm well on the way to having another gaming geek in the family.

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