Friday, May 4, 2007

Our New History Workbook

I got a new workbook yesterday. Not NEW new but 'new to you'.

It's 'World Map Skills: Teaching World History With Maps' and it looks fun. Granted, it's a grade 6 book but it's nothing beyond Catherine's capabilities and she's looked it over and is eager to start it.

The book is in great condition with only one mark in it. It's right here;

It's like a found editorial cartoon on creationism.


Dawn said...

Right! "If I cross it out, it didn't happen."


Almost Lazarus said...

Looks as if you could take your own sharpie to page 20.

Dawn said...

I'm generally not a crosser-outer of things. Seeing that sort of threw me too but we'll probably do it as well. We'll just examine it a little closer. Maybe I'll relate it to the bible rather then history.