Friday, May 11, 2007

Richard Dawkins

Okay, so I'd have a bone or two to pick with him over the whole religion and god thing but I was over at Bore Me To Tears and saw a little picture of Richard Dawkins and realized that, Holy Shit, he's hot.

Take a look...

Yum. Why can't the Archbishop of Canterbury look like that?


JJ Ross said...


And as I've told Favorite Daughter since she was little, the stupid and shallow guy doesn't compel our fascination for long and we won't tolerate one in the family, so no serious relationships with people who bore her dad and me even if she thinks he's hot. But Dawkins would be a real catch in both senses. Imagine how he would spice up the family holiday dinners :)

Dawn said...

JJ - Yup. An intellect and a killer smile. *sigh*

I should note thought that I am lucky enough to have already snagged a cute and smart atheist. Poor Richard, he missed out on me. :(