Wednesday, March 12, 2008

You Might be More of a Handyman Than Your Husband If...

So my husband finally got the bathroom sink working. Hallelujah! I mean, I know it's only been about two years since he ripped out the old sink so it's only been two years of hiking to the kitchen sink to wash hands while that charming pedestal sink sat gleaming but unusable in the bathroom but hey, it's working now right?

In celebration I decided to hang up some nice shelves and towel racks that I''d bought two years ago when he decided to renovate. Yes, the walls still need to be sanded, primed and painted but heck, when he gets around to that, if he ever does, I'll take down the shelves, fill the damn holes and rehang them. Not a big deal.

I took out the shelves, made sure I had the screws and anchors and then went rummaging in my husband's tool bag for the tools I needed. The tools I needed were an awl or punch, a level, a hammer, a tape measure and a Philips screwdriver (sadly, not every manufacturer has recognized the inherent superiority of the Canadian-invented Robertson). I found the Philips and nothing else. My husband does not have a level. He does not have a tape measure. He does not have an awl. I'm sure the hammer is somewhere but since that somewhere is likely in a basement corner under a three foot pile of junk, I ain't looking for it.

Okay, so the awl isn't a big deal. I was only punching through drywall so the Philips subbed. But a level? I had to resort to eyeballing it and testing the shelves with a marble. Certainly my father would raise his eyebrows at my methods (if there's one thing he insists on it's that things be straight, plumb and level) but they don't look unlevel and it's only temporary anyhow as I'm sure we'll be taking them down to finish the bathroom any day now. Yeah, Right.

The line penciled on the wall I then marked on the shelves where the hanging holes were and used the shelves to mark the wall. I used the Philips to punch the hole and, lacking a hammer, flipped it around and used the handle to hammer the anchor into the hole. The screws went in next and then I hung the shelves. Voila!

I should mention that it didn't go quite so smoothly on the first thing I hung. I'll just say that it was a good thing that I knew where an extra pack of anchors and screws was. But the next thing was easy and now, I have places on the walls to store things. Wow.

Now the question is, do I buy him the tools he needs for his toolbag or simply confiscate it and take on the role of household handyman?


Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, I see you are learning, grasshopper. I myself have MY tools in a kitchen drawer, MY multi-head screwdriver, MY hammer, MY mini level , MY packing tape, MY scotch tape, MY painters tape, MY string, MY staple gun, MY glue gun... etc. If "he who thinks he is handy yet can never find a tool" dares touch MY stuff there is Hell to pay! LOL. sells bright pink tools that no man would dare steal, she is obviously wise to the ways of the part time "handyless" man too. (But don't they look darn hot when they flex their biceps doing all this man stuff?)

Dawn said...

Maybe if I gluegunned some feathers and beads on too? :D

I do have my own tools but they're precision screwdrivers and such meant for computer repair. Not so good for general household stuff!

Melchior del DariƩn said...

Confiscate! Usage + improvements = ownership (of tools) + identification (as handyman)!