Monday, March 31, 2008

Homeschooler Profile in Pictures - My Son

I'm going to show you a bit about my son, Harry because he rarely seems to get a mention here.

Harry is 6 and he has one overriding interest in this world.

I'm serious.

This is a very, very small selection of Harry's trains (the ziploc bag usually contains ripped up toilet paper or, as Harry calls it, "snow"):

This is a sampling of Harry's books:

This is Harry's art:

This is Harry's crafting:

This is Harry's math (or rather, my attempt at it with some pattern blocks):

I should add that Harry has one other love that rivals Thomas. His sister Catherine:

More profiles at Principled Discovery.


Crimson Wife said...

Too cute! My 2 year old DS is a train/truck/plane/boat/etc. fanatic and that's the only way I can teach him. So his shelves are full of books like "B is for Bulldozer: A Construction ABC" and "Trucks and Diggers 1 to 10".

Jacqueline said...

That is so neat! Love how you did it.

Dana said...

That is too cute...and I think our sons would get along famously!

molytail said...

Aw, they're so cute together in that last photo! He's rather taken with trains then eh? Has he ever been for a ride on the real thing?

Awesome photos - well done! :-)

Dawn said...

He went for a ride last summer and loved it!

Tat last photo was actually taken that morning. they spent an hour cuddled up watching cartoons. I'm convinced that that cuddling would NOT be happening if they were in school and being socialized into same-age peer groups. I know you never would have caught me doing that with my siblings when I was a kid!

Anonymous said...

H & M have sleepovers, spend hours playing "mind games" together (two hour long narrative on the fly story telling sessions), buy presents for each other at the Thrift store and other stuff you'd never see of PS kids. They are best friends too. Ahhh homeschooling.

molytail said...

oh that's awesome! -- haha. both that he got to go for a ride AND that they're such good friends. :-)

concernedCTparent said...

Great photos. My favorite is the cuddling pic. What a warm memory!

Dawn said...

It's my favourite too! In fact, it's my wallpaper at the moment. :D

Anonymous said...

Dawn we "cuddled" all the time. Movies, dukes of hazard, sat. morning cartoons when the house was so cold you would freeze to death if you didn't. It was when we moved from "our home & community" to the new place that we lost that. and what about all the times we "cuddled" after one of us had gone thru the ice in the swamp. Hate to break it to you but we did that all the time; your kids are just a lot cuter - and they don't have thier mother's violent streak.

Dawn said...

You know what...I think you may be right. Now don't ever contradict me again or I'll beat you up (which is something we used to do but my kids DEFINITELY don't do).

For those wondering who this Sandra is, she's my sister. Poor creature.:)