Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Albatross

Tonight we finished up The Voyage of the Dawn Treader which Catherine decided was the best book in the series so far. Last night when we were back a few chapters I read a bit about an albatross that flew around the Dawn Treader and mentioned that there was a National Geographic with an article on Albatrosses in the living room and that we should read it the next day.

Today we read it and were more then a little stunned by what we learned. I won't write about it all here but I will mention that we now think Albatrosses are absolutely amazing creatures. In the article was a mention of Rime of the Ancient Mariner. I happen to have an absolutely beautiful Folio edition (seriously, they make gorgeous books) and so we read that. Or rather I read while Catherine swooped and turned and dove around the living room (Harry listened from his bed).

It was such a great homeschooling experience. A reference in a piece of fiction took us to a science article and then to a celebrated poem. 

My voice is dead and my writing sucks because I'm dead tired but I had to post about it.
 Three hours of reading in a day is the kind of thing we can only do because the kids are home. I love it.


molytail said...

awesome :-)

Y'know, as much as Cindy enjoyed the Narnia movie, I can't get her interested in the books - we tried reading "The Magician's Nephew" (together) but she just wasn't 'into it' ...

And and oh. my. ... You read that whole thing out loud? Not much wonder your voice is dead LOL

But awesome indeed! :-)

Dawn said...

I'm getting better though! The more you read out loud the easier it gets...And the more addictive to.

Johnny said...

hey, im glad you read my blog. i happen to know quite a few homeschooled kids and that was why i decided to post on that topic. and most the homeschoolers i know are quite awesome. its just that those cases seem to be more rare. a lot of parents are homeschooling kids because they have to due to suspensions or being kicked out or what have you.

while im sure you were offended by my zombie reference, i hope you're well aware that zombies are in fact, fiction.

i will give you major kudos for referencing shaun of the dead.

keep reading my blogs as well. i have that one as well as which is my poetry and stories and such.

also, one of my closest friends has a blog on adoptions and they homeschool and their children are pretty awesome. check hers out at

i hope ya stay tuned to my blogs.

Dawn said...

Zombies fiction? Noooo! :)

I wasn't offended, in fact I just thought it would give me fun way to respond to your blog!

I have to admit I haven't seen Shaun of the Dead yet...But Night of the Living Dead is a favourite. Comic books were one obsession in high school - Horror movies was another.

Johnny said...

i only know that zombies are fiction cause i went to public school. ZING point for me.

Avill said...

Dawn, I LOVE coming across reading experiences like this! It really sounds like you've done an awesome job instilling a love for reading and learning in your kids :).

I really enjoy your posts about your daily activities and discoveries you make as a family! I almost can't wait for Pea to be old enough...almost, I love how fun she is right now too!

Dawn said...

Thanks Avill. I'd gotten away from posting the daily stuff but Iforgot that not only is that the kind of thing I craved when I was looking at homeschooling but it also really makes me look at what we accomplish. Sometimes you just don't see it until you have to record it.:)