Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I am the Nameless Blogger in Question

Update: Brian has added a credit and link to the blog post in question.

First, thanks to ImPerceptibility for letting me know the Homeschool Insider Blog was quoting me without credit and thanks to Doc for pointing out that I should be given credit for quotes.

The problem is this post from the Homeschool Insider Blog where portions of my writings are reproduced without a linkback or any credit. Brian said:

We refuse to play the “attack others by name that don’t agree with our viewpoint” game, so we will not mention the name of this particular blog.

I just want to make clear that I have no problem with Brian using my name. If his readers would like to visit my blog to see the posts and comments in question they are more than welcome. They certainly deserve the chance to see the discussion in it's entirety and come to their own conclusion on the matter. Even if they don't agree with me. :)

Brian's blog is fairly new so I'll certainly give him the benefit of the doubt regarding blog etiquette and copyright issues but I have to insist that either I get a linkback and credit or else the quotes get removed. I've let him know my feelings on this and I'm sure he'll respond appropriately.

Note: I've added a nifty creative commons license icon on my right sidebar to clear up any future confusion. If anyone else would like one they can be found at Creative Commons - License Your Work.

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ImPerceptible said...

You're welcome, Dawn. I've seen quite a few bloggers do that and it irritates me. Either link or don't mention it! :)