Saturday, March 29, 2008

We're Going to Town Today

Please keep me in your thoughts. We have a list of things we need to purchase that aren't availible locally so off we go to the city and the big box retailers. I was hoping we'd simply buy the stuff online but my husband wants a shopping trip. I suspect he wants to look at the big screen TVs and game consoles that we may consider buying in a month when we've got a big portion of our debt paid off (yes, we're doing it. With his new job what seemed impossible to pay off last summer may now be paid off by the end of this summer).

Anyhow, the reason you have to keep me in your thoughts is because I'm going to enforce the rule that we buy no more then we have cash for. I am still worrying that more money means we might just dig ourselves into more debt so I am maintaining that we save up for our purchases, buy them on the credit card (Airmiles!) and then go home and pay the credit card immediatly. I have this fear however that we are going to come home with a Wii. Or an LCD moniter. Or something else that plugs into a wall socket and costs lots of money.

What we need:

High quality 3 hole punch
Filing cabinet
Optical mouse
Dry erase markers

So please, hope that I come home today with just what I went in to get and nothing more.


molytail said...

I have the same fears about making more money....I get it. ;-)

(I don't envy you the trip in to the city - I hate it there. Big,noisy,crowded, smelly, and everyone's always in such a darn rush.Yuck.)

Dry erase markers - have you got a big whiteboard in your house as well? Ours is on the kitchen wall - err, is most [i]of[/i] the kitchen wall LOL

Jacqueline said...

I love that you posted the list of things you need. I hope you manage to come back with just that. I know how hard that is, especially when someone else has a list in his head that you know nothing about. :)

Dawn said...

We did it! Stuck to the list, found a cabinet in clearance so came in under budget AND paid off what we spent as soon as we got home. Hubby was seriously trying for an LCD monitor but I nixed that. Of course, I was looking hard at a bookcase and he nixed THAT. :D