Friday, March 28, 2008

New Book!

I got a new book today! I had a gift certificate for so off I went and for about $5 got a book I've been wanting forever.

It's Joy Hakim's The Story Of Science: Aristotle Leads the Way. I've been wanting a history of science read-aloud so I hope this fits the bill.


concernedCTparent said...

Synchronicity. Our copy is traveling through the mail system now as well. I also used a credit (sold a book) to purchase it. I find Hakim's writing style extremely readable and have enjoyed reading The History of US out loud to my children. They prefer many a night as a bedtime story. If she can make US history that fun to read, I expect very good things from The Story of Science as well.

We'll have to compare notes at some point because we have children of similar ages (although I'm one up on you). My eldest daughter is 10, my son is 8 and my youngest daughter is almost 6.


Anonymous said...

We've had that out from the library before, very nice book.

Dawn said...

We're a few chapters in and really enjoying it. I think that after that book on the elements and the Plutarch it's a bit of a relief for Catherine. She likes the other ones but this one isn't the struggle to understand that the others could, at times, be.