Sunday, March 30, 2008

An Excellent Post on Science

Continuing the much needed discussion on what science is Elisheva at Ragamuffin Studies adds, Don't Call It Science!. Elisheva happens to be an evolutionary biologist so she certainly knows what she's talking about. She's also a great writer and makes her points beautifully. I'll offer one quote but make sure you hop over and read the whole post.

Science is, after all, only one way of human knowing. It is limited to making obervations about the physical world through use of the scientific method. Scientists, when they work as scientists must limit themselves to these objectives as well, although as human beings, they can enjoy a range of human endeavors different than science, and see that they all have value. I enjoy and recognize the value of great art and literature, and I appreciate the usefulness of rational human endeavors such as philosophy and ethics. None of these is science, however, and the world would be poorer if we tried to shoehorn them into being what they are not.

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Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Hi, Dawn,

I am really slow this week due to university stuff! Thanks for the link and the great plug for my post. It is getting a lot of comments!