Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Up since 2 AM.

And now it's just about 5 am so there's really no sense in trying to sleep. I have to be up by 7 anyway. I did try to go back to bed a half hour ago but the minute I laid down I felt productive, like I wanted to clean or something. That feeling disappeared the mintue I got up again of course.

I'm up because the fever my son had over the weekend came back. He was having a great day yesterday but after supper he was miserable. I found out why when he got sick all over me, the couch and the carpet. I got him washed up and snuggled him until he fell asleep but at 2 am he stumbled into our bed with a fever.

Queen size beds only really hold one adult and one child comfortably. I tried to sleep. I hung off the side of the bed with a little furnace cuddled up against me but I gave up pretty quickly.

So now I don't get sleep. My neice and nephew arrive for the day at 7:30am so there will be no naps. Jsut lots and lots of coffee.

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