Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Home Budgeting Help for the Spreadsheet Impaired.

I have trouble with spreadsheets. This is most apparent when my husband and I sit down to budget and I have little to no idea how the spreadsheet of figures relates to our real-world spending and income. Rows and columns just don't do it for me. This is real trouble when you're trying to figure out what you can afford to put towards paying down debt, homeschool supplies, etc.

I found a solution. After much slogging through's planning software section I found the neatest little program. It's Mishesll Software Systems' Budget Calendar. It had a 30 trial so I figured I'd give it a try. 5 minutes after installing it I knew I'd be buying it. This is why...

It's in calendar form! I can see the day I spent money! I can see the day I have to pay a bill! (That's not a snapshot of my install BTW. No way my dear husband makes $1,500 every two weeks). But heck, look at it. If you're a visual learner, that's what makes sense. Not debit and credit and line after line. It's real blocks of time with quick-glance graphics and a day-to-day account of what money we have.

I'm several weeks into using this program and I honestly feel like I really get money now. It's such a simple little twist on most of the budgeting software out there but it makes all the difference when you're trying to manage a home. Try it if it looks like it might help and if you like it it's only $15 US.

That wasn't the only piece of software I found that could be useful for home management or homeschooling. I'm testing out some more so next week I'll blog about another program.

Oh, and I should make it clear I'm not getting anything for this. If I were clever I would let the publisher know and bargain for a discount but I'm not. I'm just a geek who gets all excited over neat software applications.

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