Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Over at The Thinking Mother, Christine addresses the free formula given out by hospitals to new moms in a wonderfully opinionated and comprehensive post, The Thinking Mother: Issues with Free Baby Formula from Hospitals.

I think the crux of the breastfeeding problem is that, with the help of formula companies, it's been made a political and personal choice issue. I find it astonishing that while it's absolutely expected that we all put little plugs in electrical outlets and limit our children's pop intake, one of the biggest factors in determining their health is treated as a simple matter of nutrition and parental choice.

Breastfeeding should be a public health issue. Moreover, breastfed babies should be the standard by which we measure formula fed ones. That shift alone, rather then promoting the benefits of breastfeeding, would produce a frightful list of the risks of formula.

Anyway, check out Christine's post.

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