Sunday, August 19, 2007

Soccer Season is Over!

My daughter's soccer season ended yesterday with a big and sort of meaningless tournament. I don't really think there were any official rankings or such, just a big mess of kids and parents and an excuse to mingle and have some fun.

The fun was dampened a bit because when I said 'mess', I meant it quite literally. The roads around the soccer fields were pure mud from a mornings worth of downpour. We arrived at noon as other teams were wrapping up and leaving and there were several cars that required strong men to push them out of mudholes. Thankfully Catherine's first game was dry but just as the second one began there was one of those 10 minutes showers that absolutely soaked everyone without an umbrella. Like me. The rest of that game was played in a steady but lighter rainfall.

To leave, everyone had to face the mud. People eventually gave up trying to walk around it and simply trudged through it even though it was up to their ankles. I'm sure I wasn't the only person rinsing out my shoes when I got home.

And how did the kids do? They had a ball of course. Catherine's team finished having left their losing streak unbroken but still got medals to take home and hang up. She's pretty sure she wants to participate next year and Harry, after seeing her medal, thinks he might give it go as well.

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