Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Couple of Cool Resources

Higher Up and Further In's entry in this week's COH has a link to a great education resource on opera. You can download a manual and four operas that include narrative tracks. The opera's use a zip program I haven't seen in awhile, PKzip, but Winzip or Winrar open them as well.

Next is my find and I'm tickled pink with it. I was looking for books on when I found one I thought I'd get, Physics Experiments for Children by Muriel Mandell. There weren't many reviews on the Chapters site so I thought I'd google it and see what I came up with. I came up with a PDF. Hmmm. Could it be? I clicked and yes, it was. The whole book in PDF format! Curious I visited the originating site and found Vidya Online

Vidya Online invites teachers, academics and concerned individuals to join hands and create an online forum which will enable introspection, discussion and examination of issues in primary education.

The discussion part of it doesn't seem very active but if you go to the Bookshelf you'll find a ton of great books to download. Everything from children's literature to science experiments to 'Mathematics of Paper Folding'.

Have fun downloading!

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