Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Homeschool Stuff Roundup for the Week.

This week wasn't really heavy on schooly stuff for the kids but we did do a few things that were fun.

We're still listening to Story of the World. We're up to the Greeks now but we've decided to pause as we catch up on related documentaries. The one on the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, one on the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World and 2 BBC Building an Empire episodes that deal with Carthage and the Greeks. Catherine is enthusiatic about it all. I had to warn my brother-in-law however as my nephew was up thursday listening to some of the stuff on the Greeks. Just in case, you know, he went home and started talking about man-eating minotaurs.

Catherine also started some geometry. I was going through the Math Mammoth folder on the computer and opened up the geometry workbook to see if she thought it looked interesting. She did and decided to bug me for the next fews days until I finally printed of the sheets. We covered lines, line segments, rays and angles and she had a ball. She's even working on a glossary of terms to go along with the workbook.

I sat down with Harry and pulled out a Grade 1-2 Science Readiness workbook and we talked about things that are alive and plants and animals. He really got into it and being the active little guy he is he had to punctuate every second or third question with a demonstration of how things grow. He'd jump onto the floor, curl up into a ball and then burst up shouting, 'They growed THIS big!!!'

Another plan for Harry is preschool. Eep. Now it's not that bad. I need childcare for one day a week when my course starts up again (early christian church to about the 18th century this year!). My sister was looking after the kids but this year she's on full time at the daycare where she works. She'd fulltime because she's doing the preschool! She's a big fan of somewhat controlled chaos for little kids so I think Harry will have fun.

And there's a bit of a summary of what we did this week.


concernedCTparent said...

We're waiting for our Story of the World books and audio CD. I'm so excited to get started with all 3 of my children. My fifth grader is an ancient history geek... she reads encyclopedia's of history for fun and was lucky enough to do some in depth studies of ancient history in her gifted program (Greece, Egypt, China). Supplementing with some of the great documentaries out there is brilliant. We watch so many of these for fun but putting them in context and sequence will be a whole new experience.

I'll be check back often for inspiration... thanks!

concernedCTparent said...

Please excuse the many typos... I got a little ahead of myself and my fingers don't keep up with my thoughts on most days. :)

Dawn said...

Don't worry about typosQ You should see how many times I have to go back and redo my posts! :)

I'll keep posting what I find that's of use for Story of the World. I have a workbook coming for the SOTW 1 but I'm not sure how much we'll use it. It seems to be the documentaries and hands on stuff that really engage the kids.

Dawn said...

Oh my..."typosQ"

You'd almost think I did that on purpose!