Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Thoughtful Post on the Subway Kerfuffle

PrairieFrog Blog has a most excellent post on the whole Subway contest kerfuffle here. She makes the point that others have, that Subway has every right to limit who their prize goes to, but tweaks it slightly by comparing the prize to a gift:

This is Subway's contest, and they are giving away a prize. They host the contest, they make the rules. This is as it should be. When I give something away, whether it is charitable donations or birthday presents, I give to the recipients of my choosing. If, as a landlord, I want bake bread as a blessing to one renter, but not for all the tenants, that too is my business.

In Subway's case, it just flat makes sense to me that they'd like the $5,000 of athletic equipment to benefit a larger pool of children than just one family. But regardless of whether it makes sense, it is their right to have the rules they choose--Senseless or otherwise.

The tweak gives the point a fresh perspective and the post is a satifying read. Of course, this is nothing new for anyone who reads PrairieFrog Blog.

I'm going to add one comment on her post from Carla because it expresses perfectly something I've been feeling about this whole matter:

I think that as homeschoolers, we make the choice to be counter-culture. Why, then, do we expect culture to bend to us?

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sunniemom said...

I completely agree, but I also believe that businesses who wish to market and promote to attract customers should begin to consider how they can court the home education sector. 2 million customers ain't nothin' to sneeze at.

But again- I totally agree with your post and with PF's blog post. I have seen several sane responses to this controversy bobbing in the Sea of Hyperbole.