Friday, May 16, 2008

For the Sake of my Family, Pittsburgh Must Take Down Philly

This is playoff season in hockey. This is the time of year when my husband brings home huge amounts of chips, dip and Pepsi and nests, surrounded by his food, on the couch. This isn't usually a huge problem because his team, the Philidelphia Flyers, usually tanks early. Not this year. This year they decided to put some effort into it and they're now battling for a place in the finals.

This is not good because I had planned to do away with cable TV for the summer. This is something I've been wanting for a few years and it wasn't until this winter that my husband finally agreed that it might not be a bad idea. His only condition? Wait until Philly was done playing.


Sunday is the next game. Pittsburgh needs to win just one more game to knock out Philly. Please Philly, for the sake of my dream of a summer with a TV free family, lose.


Taylor said...

I can't believe this post -- so weird! This is the EXACT conversation we're having. Waiting until the Flyers are done to turn off the cable.

Only, I have to take issue with one thing: HOW DARE YOU WISH THE FLYERS TO LOSE!!!!!

The Stanley Cup is only a couple of weeks away! Go Flyers!

We can wait until then for peace & quiet, right?

Dawn said...

Nope. :)

Phillt bit the dust last night an I've been teasing my husband ever since. :D