Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Score for the Boy!

Harry likes worksheets. It's not an intense interest but when we're playing school and Catherine is doing one and my neice is colouring he likes to be doing something similar. The only problem is that he doesn't have much patience for most. If I can find one with trains or cars, he's set and he enjoys them. However, so much of the stuff out there seems to have generic themes. If you're a little kid who's not really interested in animals or sports then the worksheets look pretty bland.

What I really wanted was some Thomas the Tank Engine workbooks. What I really couldn't find, in stores or on the Internet, were Thomas the Tank engine workbooks. Until today!

I was walking around a local shop, poking around the toy section when down on the bottom shelf I noticed one vinyl zip up case and in that case:

Whoo Hoo! There was actually a bit more - the usual cheap colouring supplies and a sticker book but it was really the stuff in the picture that thrilled me. A dry erase board for printing (he loves printing lately, especially with dry erase markers), four workbooks and a couple of flashcard decks. Flashcards never get used as they're 'supposed' to be used here but the kids always find a way to have fun with them. The workbooks are perfect for his interest in printing.

When I showed him the books he was all smiles. He sorted through it all, carefully looked at one of the workbooks and started quizing me with the flashcards. If they all want to play school tommorrow he'll fit right in.

Note to the Thomas the Tank Engine folk: Make more of this stuff. Lots of it. There are a lot of little boys out there who would appreciate it.


Jacqueline said...


molytail said...

awesome find! :-) I bet he'll have some fun with that.

Lorraine M. said...

You'll have to get those babies scanned before he uses them! What I did with Michael was used the StartWrite program and stuck a .gif of Kirby all over the place. Made him some "kirby math" sheets that way too in a word doc.

Dawn said...

You think I haven't already started? :D

I was actually at the point where I was going to design my own Thomas worksheets and I may still have to...Harry's beyond most of what's in the workbooks. But he still loves them, has something to play school with and loves getting to print with thomas sheets.

Karen said...

My Thomas wanted this exact set the last time we were in Half-Price Books. Seeing as how he's almost 8, I told him no.

It broke his heart when we could no longer buy Thomas the Tank Engine shoes because he'd outgrown them. If the Thomas people are reading your post, I hope they'll read this too: make Thomas stuff in bigger sizes! Not all your fans are 3 years old.