Monday, May 12, 2008

The New Toy

Shannon was in heaven last night. He could watch watch hockey and play Civilization IV at the same time. How did he do that you ask? Isn't your desktop computer in the kitchen while the TV is in the living room you say? Why yes. But he used the laptop.

Yep, we bought a laptop Sunday. Shannon may be heading out for the summer in the next month so we thought we'd get him the laptop for entertainment and talking to us via Skype. It was pretty much the cheapest laptop at the store but all we were looking for was something with a webcam that would play Civ IV and his collection of old strategy and war games. This is it:

Of course, this means that the desktop I'm typing at right now has now been officially titled Mom's Computer. No more husband looking at me with big brown eyes and wanting to play Europa Universalis while I'm trying to write a blog post. Despite the fact that I now how my own exclusive computer I'm still a bit jealous though. His latop has twice the RAM and twice the hard drive space.

I should note that his heavenly computer/TV time last night wasn't perfect. Philly lost to the Penguins. For the second time in the series. Hee hee.


Independent George said...

I can't begin to count how many hours I wasted in college playing Civ II, all the while deluding myself into calling it 'educational'.

Ten years later, I'm working full-time while going to grad school, and I'm still staying up until 1 AM worried about the Mongols.

*sigh* Sid Meier is an evil, evil man.

Independent George said...

I'll have to hunt for the link when i get home, but I remember reading a hilarious webcomic showing a student getting an 'F' on the history paper he had written based on his most recent game of Civ.

Dawn said...

Mr. Meier got me with Pirates although I admit I've had times of deep addiction to Civ. But it was Pirates that I really loved.

It was educational. I knew the geography around the Gulf of Mexico pretty well as a teenager.

Independent George said...

Ah, Pirates! I actually did get a pretty good idea of which country ran which colony in the Caribbean from that game. I also learned the difference between a sloop, a caravel, and a galleion.

Anyway, the Civ comic I mentioned is here.

Lorraine M. said...

You don't leave any specs or a link about your new toy. I can't even see the brand name! Oh lordy, the suspense! As a laptop user myself I am most interested. Mine is a couple years old, so yours will no doubt make me drool...

Dawn said...,4251&webid=726737&affixedcode=WW

Um, can anyopne share the code for inserting links into comments?