Saturday, May 3, 2008

A Move to Wordpress?

I like Blogger, I really do. It's suited me for quite some time...Except when I worry about what would happen to all my posts if Blogger went down for good, or simply lost my blog. Or when I think of the security measures I can't have that Wordpress users do.

But I do find Wordpress a little intimidating. I have not the first clue what to do and I'd have to (I assume) pay for hosting.

Anyone want to help me out on this one?


JJ Ross said...

We don't pay a dime for Snook, Dawn. It was really easy to set up in Sept 2006, as I remember, and it's been pretty great for what we do with it.

Try going here.

But Nance is more technical than I am and Doc knows better than Nance and me put together, probably, since she just switched over an existing blog to wordpress. . .

Doc said... - free - hosted

a few more features with the hosted kind

ron and andrea ( provide free blogging using wordpress. They haven't lost a blog yet!

Avill said...


Word Press is great! You really should give it a shot - even if it's to test it out before you actually move your blog over. Hosting is more reasonable than you think (about $10 /month).

Let me know if you'd like help - the hubby has 7 sites using Word Press and he's offered to help if you need it!

Andrea R said...

HSJ also runs on Wordpress. Ditto what Doc said. Any of thsoe options will import your posts.

We're getting in to hosting as well.

I know I comment more on non-blogger blogs.

jose said...

I'm also hosted on Wordpress. I pay for my own hosted blog, but the blogs seem to work just fine. I think it's the most popular blogging platform out right now, from what I understand, and it's because of its mod-ability.

sunniemom said...

I looked around quite a bit before I chose I have no complaints. It seems to be very intuitive to me, and I was totally a blog virgin.

Andrea R said...

Just a couple notes about the dot COM version of wordpress:

- no javascript allowed. At HSJ we can turn that on for you, but if you get a doamin and webspace, you can do it anyway.
- wp,com DOES NOT allow to you run any advertising. they DO show ads on their blogs. they are sneaky about it as they are not on all blogs and are not shown to everyone. They are never shown to logged-in users for example.
- they have a fuzzy policy about whether you can go commercial on their site. They've done some weird things to people, even suspending blogs for putting in Amazon affiliate links. At HSJ, you can. On your own domain, you can.
- the dot com has limited themes available and hardly any customization
- they've introduced a few things over there that users *don't* want and they've said "too bad".

My advice for *anyone* who wants to blog seriously is get their own domain & webspace, use Wordpress.ORG software (hey, it's free) and the myriad of plugins and themes available.

Dawn said...

HSJ is sounding pretty damn good to me. :D