Sunday, May 4, 2008

The 10 Year Old Tutor.

My daughter had a friend, I'll call her Annie, over today. Annie is a great kid and lives right next door (although it took them a year to finally get to know each other). I've been thrilled because although she has other friends around, this girl is special. She likes Bratz and Barbies, painting and reading and even, and this is the best part, grabbing the butterfly nets and magnifying glasses for extended bug hunts.

Today they came in and after some playing Annie asked Catherine if she could write cursive. Catherine said she couldn't. They both decided to play school and Annie would be the teacher with the dry erase board.

Ten minutes later I came into the room and Catherine had done more work on cursive writing in those ten minutes then she had ever done before. And it was legible too. Annie simply wrote examples on the dry erase board and asked Catherine to copy them which she happily did.

She is now Catherine's cursive writing tutor. That's what I told her anyhow. Catherine offered to teach her the ancient Greek alphabet. Kids teaching kids. Hopw fun and sane is that?


molytail said...

Awesome! :-)

Lizabeth said...

Very, very. Both fun and sane.

Noodle said...

That's exactly how I learned cursive as well. :)

shirleyhill said...

We could never teach my youngest to ride a book or swim but a friend of hers worked on her and wa-laa! Some parents asked if I was hurt by this. I'm more of the 'more power to you' type. Who knows what can be achieved?!

Dawn said...

Hurt by it? Oh goodness...There's a great big, "they don't get it," flag!