Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Subway Kerfuffle as an Educational Opportunity

I'll be quiet about this soon, I promise.

It's just that I followed on O'Donnell Web to HERP&ES (love the name change!) to a A Second Generation of Homeschooling and found a post that's goes over the edge with lots of All Caps and calls for action on the Subway matter. Fine, I sort of wish the first step was discussion but she's picked her course.

What grabbed me was this quote:

Will Subway's contest prevent us from homeschooling in the future; will it prohibit our hard-earned freedom to homeschool? No. BUT it does limit us in the educational arena. Where's the progress in that?
(bold and italics are author's)

I don't understand. Since when are sandwich shop contests part of the educational arena? Maybe the author has some thoughts to justify that claim but she doesn't explain them. I'm left a little puzzled.

Besides, she's just wrong. This contest doesn't limit us in anyway. If fact, our exclusion makes this potentially much more educational then the contest itself. Think outside the box.

- Use the story starters anyway.
- See if the kids want to construct their own contest.
- Explain the contest, it's limitations and discuss the matter. See what different points of view your kids might have on the matter.
- Look at other contests, read the rules and see if exclusion is standard practice or something confined just to this contest. See if the kids can come up with plausible reasons why those exclusions might be needed.

There are probably a ton of ways to make this a much more interesting, fun and educational then the original contest could ever be. But for goodness sake, don't start giving power to fast food chains by claiming they've somehow limited something that's completely within your own control.


JJ Ross said...

LOL - that's what I've always said about letting the GOVERNMENT limit us in directing our own child's education! ;-)

Jacqueline said...

Love that idea!

Dana said...

Well, I for one am happy homeschoolers stepped in and stopped Subway from discriminating against us. It was about so much more than athletic equipment. Just look at their apology:

To address the inadvertent limitation of our current contest and provide an opportunity for even more kids to improve their fitness....

Now, thanks to homeschool activism and Subway, the epidemic of homeschool obesity may finally begin to reverse. Just because we manage to teach our kids doesn't mean we know the first thing about planning a nutritious meal, or providing adequate exercise.

What would we ever do without Subway?

Dawn said...

It's nice to knwo they're looking out for us! :D

Anonymous said...

I love your thoughts here about how to use the contest anyway!

I also love the quote in the previous post about being counter-culture so much that I wish I had written it!