Monday, May 12, 2008

Talk About Expectations

Catherine was working on her math today. She choose to sit in the living room and this meant she was chatting me or her brother up every chance she got. I was getting angry and finally sent her off to my bedroom.

I realized afterwards that I have this vision in my head of how I expect Catherine to do her work. I expect her to work fairly efficiently. I expect her not to engage anyone except if help is needed. I expect her not to be doodling when she should be adding negative and positive integers.

Two problems:

1) All I did in school was doodle and doddle.

2) I've never actually shared my expectations with her in any reasonable or constructive way.

I think we'll have a talk tommorrow. I'll mention what I'd like to see, whether my expectations are reasonable to her, share some stories about myself when I was a kid and ask her for any ideas she has about how to get her work done with fewer distractions.

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Lizabeth said...

Oh this is very interesting. I find that I often am not even aware of my expectations until the kids violate them in some way. The process of getting conscious is long and varied.