Monday, February 25, 2008

Some Nice Logic Puzzles

While searching for some Venn diagram activities I found a nice sampler of logic problems from William K. Bradford Pub. I've never heard of the company before but the selection of puzzles from Logic & Venn Diagrams: Perplexing Puzzles MathBox looked fun and I've printed them out for Catherine to tackle.

If you're looking for a fun way to keep logic skills honed the sampler is certainly worth a download.


molytail said...

oh man, I hated logic puzzles in school LOL - my junior high math teacher always had us doing them....

Dawn said...

You didn't! My mom always bought those newprint puzzle books with wordfinds and such and I would always snatch them looking for the logic puzzles and cryptograms. :)

I'm happy to say my daughter takes after me in that department!

molytail said...

I used to snag my own mother's puzzle books and do all her syllacrostics! LOL

Let me guess, you prolly like those blasted Soduko I right?