Friday, February 15, 2008


Disregard the last post! I can access the internet again!

If you ever find that you've encountered a problem you can't solve, here's the magic formula that will provide the solution.

- Try everything you can to fix the problem. Everything. Work yourself up to the height of frustration.

- Give up.

- Tell everyone that you've got an unsolvable problem. This is key and a step that cannot be skipped.

- After everyone knows, try one last time.

The problem will be solved. Honestly, this happens time and time again with me and it's just happened again. After giving up my computer for busted I reinstalled the new network card this morning, fiddled with the run menu, restarted and the Lord be praised, got an internet connection. 3 days of frustration solved in 3 minutes.

So I'm back. Whoo Hoo!


Anonymous said...

so, 3 days, you say???

hmmmm ;)

Dawn said...

Don't go there...Next thing, I'll open the case and find the tower empty!