Monday, February 4, 2008

Mucho Morsels Monday

Since Catherine's homeschool blog has been such a successful organizing tool I thought I'd use my blog for organizing myself a bit. I'm going to post my menu plan for the week, complete with links to the recipes. Now there's apparently a neat blogging linking thingee out there connected with this blog that has formed a net of Menu Plan Mommies and I might join up next week but I'm too late right now. I'll just go it alone in the mean time.

Monday - Orange Roughy Parmesan, homemade home fries and tossed salad. Oh crap. Now I remember why I needed those seasoned bread crumbs. Frig. I could crumble a stale "everything" bagel or maybe crumble some toasted bread crumbs mixed with italian seasoning?

Tuesday - Pancakes, sausages. It's Shrove Tuesday. Must eat pancakes.

Wednesday - Glazed Meatloaf, rice and veggies from the freezer (where all good veggies live).

Thursday - Roast Turkey, potatoes, veggies. Because my husband thought that since the bloody thing was on sale he should buy it. Nevermind that we now have to buy a roaster that the bloody thing will fit in.

Friday - Turkey Soup (no recipe, just toss all leftovers in pot and boil).

Saturday - Stew (no recipe either), dough boys (That's Nova Scotian for dumpling. We're a little sadistic in our naming of food).

Sunday - Mondi's Super Simple Chicken, Chicken fried rice, tossed salad.

Phew! That's it.

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