Monday, February 4, 2008

Blogging Ethics - Bitter Homeschooler Wishlist

Diary of a Mad Editor lays out how the lack of blogging ethics can personally affect someone - namely her. The issue is the use of her Bitter Homeschoolers Wishlist on numerous blogs without proper credit.

This is basic stuff. If you reprint someone else's work (and no, not in entirety unless you have permission), you link to and credit them. Apparently it's hard for some to understand as you'll see when you read her post. She's asking for people to spread the word about her blog post. So if you've got a blog you know what to do...

I'll just say that the chap (revealed in the posts) who did her wrong may have done himself quite a bit of harm in the long run.

H/T to HE&OS


DM said...

Dawn, thank you so much for posting this. The only downside to how wonderfully supportive so many terrific homeschoolers are being about this is that I'm finding a lot of great blogs that I won't have time to sit and read until I finish up this issue! But I *will* be back!


Dawn said...

No problem! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey! :-)

Yeah, I get sick of seeing so much posting w/o proper attribution going on. I'm glad you said something. Brava!

Main point (extraneous as it may be) I thought I'd just mention that I bought a used book through one of your Amazon links. Just thought I'd let you know I was doing my miniscule part to support homeschool blogging. Yeah, I know it's just a couple pennies, but if all homeschoolers remembered to go through homeschool bloggers' links when ordering from Amazon, then those pennies would really add up! The book, so you can watch for it on your reports, is A Walk in the Woods. I just heard that Robert Redford is going to make this into a film with himself playing Bryson (main character).

Oh, yeah, and aren't I just the smartest ... I don't have to change you on my blogroll because I listed you as "Day by Day." I like the new name, btw.

Tammy at HS Comments on the Fly

Dawn said...

Thanks Tammy! I must be up to almost 4 dollars now! :D I do appreciate you buying through my blog...It's something I've decided to make a priority to. Visit retailers through the links of the blogs I read.