Thursday, July 26, 2007


I found out a couple of days ago that a friend died. He wasn't someone I knew or had ever met IRL. He was a friend from the computer geek forum I've been frequenting for almost three years now. He actually died a couple of months ago but I only noticed the thread Tuesday. I had thought he was taking the summer off from posting and probably spending some time with his family. Not so.

His name was Whitecree. He called himself that because he was part white and part Cree. He was older then the average poster and a talented and skilled carver. A lot of his carvings represented characters from Cree legends. He had a severe disability - dial up internet in a forum full of geeks who bragged about their cable or DSL speeds. However, he'd post breathtaking photos of the forest that surrounded him in British Columbia and we'd all be jealous.

On the board he was one of the voices of maturity and experience. He was warm, funny, intelligent and straightforward. In my mind I had him labeled the resident Dad. He was also generous and thoughtful. I finally noticed the thread because his son had updated it with a post from Whitecree letting us know he had died and saying goodbye. He'd written it last year prior to an operation, "just in case", and his son was kind enough to share it with us when he found it.

There are people you have fun with on a message board and there are people you connect with but then their are the ones who, because they possess such a wonderful personality and strong character, are special. And that was Whitecree.

I'd always thought that if I ever went out to the other coast I'd like to look Whitecree up just to give him a hug. I wish I still had the chance.

This was his avatar;

I'll miss you Whitecree.


Penny said...

You have no idea how you've touched my heart. This is his daughter right now, and out of nowhere I decided to google up "Whitecree"
As so, your blog has come up.
It is nearly a year since his passing, and it has been a lonely one. I miss him with all my heart, and I thank you for your kind words.

- Penny Hayward

Dawn said...

Thank you for letting me know you saw this! Your family has often been in my thoughts.

Roselvr said...

Penny, my name is Sue, I go by Blondie at MPC. I'm the one from NJ that sent your family a card. I know how comforting it is to be able to read things your dad posted or things people post about him as I also lost my dad. Your dad was one of the friends that helped me through it with his wisdom. I also miss him.

How is your little guy doing? I bet he's getting big! He's such a cutie, but how could he not be cute with such a beautiful mom? I've often wondered about him & how he's been without your dad around to follow. Your dad loved him a lot. I'm going to share something he sent me via private message at MaximumPC.

Grandson is getting large(r). His almost 13 lb birthweight has gone to almost 50 lb on a sturdy 3 foot frame. And he's only 2! Gonna be a big man by the time he finishes growing.

Won't let his baba out of his sight while I'm home. He hates it when I go off to work, even though I'm only gone an hour or so (4 times a day). I can - sometimes - sneak away to play on a computer, but he tracks me down and demands more attention.

I don't mind at all. I don't want his memories of me in later years to be of the grandfather who was too busy.

I have a now closed forum where your dad used to post. I just searched google it does not come up. Are u able to access his passwords? If so, I can give his account privs so that you can read his posts. I'm sure it will help. If you'd like to email me

Take care Penny. If you ever want to talk about your dad there are a lot of us that would be happy to. Hug & kiss the baby for me.

Penny said...

Aw, thank you for the card. We knew it was from one of his online chatting friends. . .
I miss him, and just reading what he said about my little one just made me cry. I've been really missing, so much. Its been so long, I wish.. I just wish, but things always happen for a reason.
I'm always on, when I'm feeling down, I just like reading about what people have to say about him, and reading his stories.
But thank you, I needed a good cry =)