Sunday, July 29, 2007

A Cookie Sheet of Rice

The weather here lately has been horrid. It's been sun, sun, sun and temperatures in the low 30's that feel like the mid-40's thanks to the humidity. That's meant several days where the kids and I simply find a seat in front of a TV, computer or game system and slowly melt.

Harry has been wanting to play outside (He found some small construction vehicles in his dinky car basket and wanted to push dirt around) but he only lasted about 10 minutes before he comes back inside. So what to do? Well, I managed to drag myself off the sofa for long enough to grab a cookie sheet with a high lip and a cup or so of uncooked rice. I dumped the rice on the sheet, the sheet on the living room floor and Harry was ecstatic. He could play with his vehicles and not have to suffer in the sun.

Of course I realized I should have put the cookie sheet in the kitchen only after I realized I was out of vacuum bags.


Anonymous said...

Ohhh. Mid-40's CEL-sius! Funny, I was just reading a science article to my daughter this morning and remarking it's really time we master the metric system!

Dawn said...

Oh oops! I probably should have said that considering most people that read this aren't fellow Canucks! :)