Monday, July 2, 2007

Late Canada Day

Today we had our little community Canada Day Parade. Yes, it's July 2nd and yes, Canada Day is on July 1st but apparently the Father over at the big Roman Catholic church had a talk with the Chamber of commerce and asked them to move the parade because it would be hampering people from attending the church since the 1st was on a Sunday. I say tough luck. He could have simply moved the time of mass. If a church is a part of a community it should act like it and not hold itself above and seperate and feel it can dictate terms of community events. Yes, it pissed me off.

Canada day, the real one on Sunday, didn't feel like Canada Day. Since there was no parade, the little local fair didn't open. We ended up going to the in-laws for a b-b-q. Which turned out allright since there is where I found a book I've been looking for for weeks. A rather important one too since it's the account of the woman who's story I'll be illustrating in graphic novel form (new sketches over at I Wanna Be a Comic Book Artist).

Oh, and Catherine loved the Nintendo DS. She just about cried when she realized what she'd got and she's been thanking Shannon and I for the past 3 days. It was a little pricey but certainly worth every penny.

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