Friday, July 27, 2007

I Have Ads

Yes, I know it's a little stupid for a blog that only gets a few hits a day but I'm experimenting. I have an idea for a more commercial blog down the road and I was curious as to how Adsense works. I'll probably take it down or you might see other ads pop up from different companies. Feel free to ignore them.


Not June Cleaver said...

Well, to jump start your ad career, I clicked on your ad. You're welcome. LOL! :)

Dawn said...

Whoo Hoo!!! :D

Hardly a career. I'm just aiming for enough to cover drawing supplies. I think you probably just bought me a mechanical pencil lead! :)

Not June Cleaver said...

Geez, I guess I better click more often. We could at least contribute to a nice gum eraser.

Anonymous said...

I've been noticing that some bloggers are setting up their own online stores in partnership with Amazon. Seems like a really easy way to make money and recommend books etc that you like with people who visit your site and share interests... There's a link to's store on my blog sidebar if you're not familiar with them and would like to see an example.

Count in me for a gum eraser, too, by the way!