Friday, July 27, 2007

A Funeral

Just to be a bummer, here's a second post about death. Funnily enough, although I knew this person (Max) in real life, have family connections and he lived but a short drive away I'm not greiving in the same way I am for Whitecree. This person was my husband's great uncle. I've met a lot of my husband's extended family (and what a great family it is) but I'd never really seen to much of him. I gather that he was a very good man.

So today we go to the funeral. The kids will be with us and this will be the first funeral they've attended. They've been told that their cousin's grandfather died but they never knew Max. We'll have to have a discussion on decorum and respect on the drive down.

What a weird week. We've got the highest of hopes pinned on it and yet both Shannon and I have lost people we cared about.

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Not June Cleaver said...

Sounds like a bummer week in the Dawn household. Sorry to hear about Max and Whitecree.