Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Free book organizer

Free software! Just thought I'd tip people off because this is a one day only thing.

It Libellus Book Organizer at Giveaway of the Day...

Some features of Libellus:
Organize / Manage (Book; Author; Publisher; Category; Favourite; Wishlist);
Search (Title; ISBN; Author; Publisher; Category);
Print book list;
Export book list (CSV; HTML);
Browse book information on the internet;
Import book from the internet;
Add book to wishlist from the internet;
View what others say about a book;
Buy book;
Many more…

It sounds right up a homeschooler's alley.


Not June Cleaver said...

Sounds a lot like LibraryThing, which is online and free too (well, free for up to 200 books). The neat thing is linking to other peoples' lists and finding new stuff of interest.

Thanks for the link.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to Giveaway of the Day. I love free stuff.

Dawn said...

It's a great site Lynn. they also have a free game everyday. The stuff isn't always great and I've gotten some real stinkers but there are also some real gems. I'll post anytime I see anything really good.