Monday, March 19, 2007

Working Through Frustration

So Saturday night Catherine told me that perhaps instead of putting away the math books when we came to something she founf frustrating and hard we should simply work through it because, "Then we get it over with and it will be easier, right?"

It's such a great moment when you hear you're kid say something like that.

She was true to her word today and sat down to math with nary a complaint. She plugged away at her Math Mammoth stuff (to firm up her subtraction skills) for a couple of hours. If something got tough she'd ask for help and we'd plow through it. It was a little funny though because she had to write equations to describe word problems. A word problem would say something like, "Ann had 25 apples and Mary had 17. How many more did Ann have?" Of course I thought the equation would be 25-17=__. Noooo. Catherine decided the much easier course would be 17+__=25.

"It's easier that way Mom."

It's nice to see she's got more then one way to approach a problem.

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