Friday, March 2, 2007

Again with the Friday

My nephew is over and he and Catherine are playing Star Wars 2 on the XBox so I'm quite sure it's safe to wrap up today in a blog post.

It was fractions and language arts today. Not much for fractions though, just a page that introduced Catherine to fraction vocabulary. I found a nice Grade 2 spelling workbook that I'd picked up some time ago so she did a couple of pages out of that. It's a grade behind but we've done little with spelling so I thought we would try it and Catherine seemed to enjoy it. We also did a couple of worksheets on synonyms.

On to the Gamecube and one of the games Catherine got for Christmas, Animal Crossing. It's an open ended sim game and I was watching her play I realized there was a lot going on that reinforced what she was learning. Lots of reading, money skills and some basic math.

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