Friday, March 16, 2007

Preposition Bingo!

Catherine decided she'd like to explore Ancient Egypt in some more depth so I found a couple of little things to whet her appetite before we started math and grammar. The National Geogrphic Kids 'Daily Life in Ancient Egypt' quiz was fun. Next was a small tour of a mummy at The Clickable Mummy. I tell you, there is no better way for an 8 year old to start the day then to hear about brains being pulled out noses or a turpentine-like liquid being, "injected up the anus of the deceased."

Next was math. We went back to Singapore and did a Practice page to review what she's done on place value. Easy and quick for her.

On to Easy Grammar 3-4 with one page of prepositions and then a game of Preposition Bingo. My nephew Kyle was up so he sat down to play, and lose, three games. Catherine seemed to have all the luck.

I called an end to schoolish things then. Catherine and Kyle were dying to play Gemball, a fancy version of the old-school arcade game Breakout with an egyptian theme. It was a happy coincidence that it had a theme related to Catherine's current interest. For other small games and applications you can download for free (legally) check out Give Away of the Day.

That night Catherine and Harry were both off to my sister's for the night.

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