Saturday, March 31, 2007

A Summary of Resources for the Evolved Homeschooler

Just thought I'd stick up a post that collects the homeschooling community resources and means of networking availible to those of us who accept and teach the theory of evolution to our kids.

- Evolved Homeschooling blog
"A collection of evolution and science resources for the secular homeschooler."

- Evolved Homeschooling Webring

- Evolved Homeschool Wiki Chris O'Donnal set this up and has invited the evolved homeschoolers out there to make a page for themselves.

- A logo. It's the Darwin fish, "Evolved Homeschooler" logo in my sidebar and anyone is free to grab it for their own blog or site.

Please let me know what other sites, blogs, etc, to do with homeschooling and evolution there are out there


unschooler said...

Hi. Just happened upon your post on Evolved Homeschooling / Homeschoolers. I created the "evolved homeschooling" blog and am glad to see that there are others who support teaching evolution to homeschool students.

Dawn said...