Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Well, I woke the kids up with the smell of french toast cooking. Or rather, I woke them up by yelling, "French toast is cooking!!!"

Catherine and Harry stumbled out and ate. I shuffled Catherine out to the kitchen table for math but it was pretty clear she wasn't up for counting, let alone addition and subtraction. When Justin knocked on the door (Damn March break!) she was quick to escape. A couple of hours later she came back for lunch and after that we tried again. Still some complaining but it's was obvious the fresh air and excercise had cleared the fog from her brain and she finished her math fairly quickly.

After that I picked up one of the Childcraft books, "Science, Science Everywhere!", and we read some of it together. It has a good introduction to science and a nice list of things a kid might want in a 'science' kit for exploring. It's first foray into experimenting was on solutions, colloids and suspensions which we'll investigate on Tuesday.

Harry set himself up on Catherine's computer after supper and played "Thomas; Trouble on the Tracks." For the first time (ever?) he worked away on it all by himself, thinking out some of the puzzles and working on his control of the mouse. While he did that, Catherine and I tried to watch a 'Naked Science' episode on the birth and development of the universe. Tried because as interesting, wonder-filled an downright beautiful as it was, we couldn't stay awake and both drifted of to sleep at around the halfway mark. Maybe I can download it.

Shannon read to Harry as I read to Catherine from, "Little House in the Big Woods." I'm ditching her readings of it as it interupts the flow of the story. I'd much rather just have her enjoy the story.

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