Thursday, March 8, 2007

Cold in more than one way...

It's freezing outside and my kids have the cold. not just a cold but THE cold with a fever and dreadful cough and all that.

Catherine still managed some Math Mammoth however. I had both my neice and her 5 year old brother today and while Catherine was at work Kyle (the nephew) decided to do some math too. 8 pages later he was asking for some sheets to take home. Maybe it's the way the Math Mammoth books reject cartoony characters and pictures and simply and honestly ask the kids to work that appeals to them. Regardless, they both love the Mammoth.

That was it for schoolwork for them. I however had to study for my EFM course. It's 'Paul's theology, part 2,' 1 Thessolonians and Philemon. Interesting stuff. It's Corinthians next week though so a lot of reading. I know the NT is just a tad important to christianity and Paul had a little teeny-weeny bit to do with there even being a christianity in the first place but jeez, I just can't wait until next year. Out of scripture and into history from the first days of the church to somewhere in 1800's. I found the myth in the OT easy to deal with. I'll really enjoy the history next year. It's those bits between David and the Gospels where the two swirl together and what's what is harder to tell that tend to muddle me up.

Anyhow, my studying went fine and since it's Thursday today I'll report that class went well. Lots of great discussion and really yummy cookies at lunch break.

Catherine's on her computer and Harry's on the couch with the same fever he had yesterday so I think I'll call today over, retire to the couch for snuggles and log in my next report tommotrrow.

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