Saturday, March 3, 2007

Snow on Saturday!

Finally, some snow. It was a bit of a storm last night and we woke up this morning to a whole 2 or 3 inches of white stuff on the ground. It's been a miserable winter for my daughter who, for most up her short life, has had winters full of record snowfalls and once-in-a-decade snowstorms. A couple of years ago as spring came in I remember seeing a neighbour's pile of snow that had been sliced by a snowplow and noticed the different layers that each successive snow fall or storm had deposited since the previous fall. Not so this year.

So we had a tiny bit of snow but it was enough. The kids and my nephew (who had stayed the night) all got decked out in their snow gear and headed out to build things with snow. Thankfully it was good, heavy snow so although they were soaked when they finally came in for good 3 hours later, at least they had a nice wall built and a few snow animals scattered around the yard. The temperature rose enough that when my brother-in-law picked up Kyle he was in a T-shirt. I suspect the wall and animals will be much reduced or gone alltogether by tommorrow.

Catherine developed a cough in the afternoon and probably has the cold that everyone else has been dealing with for the past week. She sat own in front of the computer and watched a couple of movies I'd, er, downloaded for her. Somewhat legal for me as I'm Canadian. The first was Jungle Emperor Leo, a movie based on an old anime TV show called Kimba, the White Lion. Catherine has seen an ad for it on a Pokemon movie years ago and always wanted to see it. I found it early this week, downloaded it and she has ecstatic. The other movie she watched was actually 5 episodes of a TV cartoon from my childhood called Jem and the Holograms. Here's a reminder for anyone in their 30's...Jem opening theme.

There was also a solar eclipse tonight so Shannon took Catherine out to see some of it. She was mildly impressed. Then it was in to bed for quiet time where she watched an Eyewitness video on dogs.

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