Saturday, March 31, 2007

Arts & Crafts

No 'Life in the Eucharist' today. My sister forgot that she was going to look after Harry and let me use her vehicle and commited to something else. I still haven't managed to get ahold of her and couldn't get ahold of anyone to rescue us either. So I had to console Catherine who had given up a brownie trip to a wave pool to go.

Disasters like that call for extreme measures and so we brought out the damn 'Paint Sensation!' This is a horribly designed toy that drops a stream of paint on a spinning piece of paper. the effect can be beautiful when the thing isn't dripping huge globs of paint all over your picture. However, we picked it up for a couple of bucks in a thrift store and the kids really didn't care about the globs. Here are a couple of the pictures;

Left; Harry
Right; Catherine

Then we blew balloons. Not blew them up but actually blew them into being. One of the items in Catherine's christmas stocking last year was a little kit with a container of something that smells like glue and a tube. You put a bit of the paste from the container on one end of the tube and blow. Soon you have a balloon. The balloon really looks more like a soap bubble then a balloon but it's still pretty darn cool.

Next neat toy was a magnetic mosaic kit. It consists of a magnetic board and hundreds of tiny magnetic squares in different colours. That didn't last for long however as that reminded them of the magnet kit I'd picked up at the local Bargain Shop awhile ago. It was a $10 kit but had a nice selection of different kinds and shapes of magnets.

So no Jesus stuff today but he'd have a hard time competing against homemade balloons anyway. And it is nice to realize that we have the coolest damn toys on our road.

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