Tuesday, February 13, 2007

My on-the-go Unit Study system (for this month anyway).

This is my current unit study organizational tool. It's just a piece of bristol board with the unit's title in one top corner and a couple of maps in the other top corner. One map is Greece and one is Greece in relation to other countries in the area. The middle clothespin holds odd sheets I don't want to have to search for in a folder because we use them frequently, like 'Resources Used' and 'Glossary of Terms'. The other clothespin hold a 'To Do' list of projects and crafts we want to complete ('sew Barbie himation', 'make clay pot'). The two folders are for worksheets and paper activities to do and those done. As I check the internet for resources I print off what looks useful and stick it in the right folder. When it's completed it gets put in the left folder.

The system is complimented by a folder in my browser's bookmarks containing related websites and a folder on my desktop containg related media like audio books and documentaries.

This is really simple and really doesn't need any of the day-to-day details I've seen some methods require. I simply need to keep the right folder and to-do list full of stuff for us to pull out when we need it or want to do it. It seems to work really well so far. For example, in yesterday's blog I pointed out that while reading about the gods and goddesses I remembered a related sheet I had printed off and stuck in the right folder. I was on the couch beside the poster so I simply pulled it out and we had our activity for the evening.

It's got enough organization that I don't feel directionless but is free enough that we can approach stuff when we choose.

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jmcwnz said...

This looks like a simplified version of lapbooking.
www.lapbooking.wordpress.com and www.lapbooking.tumblr.com

www.Tumblr.com is an easy place for the chn to hang their digital unit studies.

have fun,