Friday, February 23, 2007

Age of Mythology for Wednesday

Catherine worked away on Key to Fractions and her Sing. Math. She went through it pretty quickly because we have a new computer game, Age of Mythology. It's a real-time strategy game that casts the player as a hero who goes off, originally, to fight for Agamemnon against Troy. The game also involves Norse and Egyptian mythology but so far it's been fantastic as it reinforces characters and events that Catherine's been learning about. Of course, being an RTS game it has some qualities like strategy, reading and planning that I value as a homeschooling mom. And it's just a pile of fun. After I played for a bit, Catherine went through the tutoial and started her own game.

After AofM, Catherine played and then moved on to Sonic the Hedgehog on our XBox. At some point during all this Harry hung a skein of wool on a chair and mentioned something about a cocoon. Catherine heard and asked if it was supposed to be a cocoon. Harry thought for a moment and then motioned towards the wool and with a big smile said, "No, it's a chrysalis!" At that moment I realized I'd been thinking of him as the baby, the boy, the slower one and I realized how wrong I was. :)

In the evening Catherine and Shannon went for a night tour of our local Wildlife park with her Brownie troop. She had a great time.

More from the Norse myths during quiet time.

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