Sunday, February 18, 2007

Justin, Justin, Justin on Saturday

I barely saw Catherine for much of the day. She was outside, running around the nieghbourhood with Justin. She came back with a sore, wet bum from sliding and falling on ice but had a great time.

After a bath we all piled onto the couch to watch 'Clash of the Titans.' Yes, the one with Harry Hamlin and stop-motion special effects. Catherine, of the computer generated effects age was quite unimpressed and turned her nose up a bit at the monsters, especially a giant vulture who looked like, "lumps of clay with feathers stuck in it." It really did suck but in a good way. We got to analyse how historically accurate the costumes and sets were and how they reworked the myths to create the movie. But I sure am glad I didn't invite Justin to watch it. The first few minutes had a nice topless breastfeeding scene and then featured Danae and the toddler Perseus walking nude down a beach. My kids barely noticed (they have a mom who regularily draws nudes) but I'm sure Justin's eyes would have popped out and rolled across the floor in shock.

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