Monday, February 26, 2007

Last Weekend in Febuary.

Sometimes Catherine hasn't got enough patience to do a 5 minute page of fractions and sometimes she can spend hours upon hours on the smallest activities. Saturday was mostly spent on one little puzzle, the IQ Block by Petoy. I picked it up several years ago in a .99 cent bin at my local drugstore and it's consistently been the puzzle that she has played with again and again. So much so that pieces got lost and I had to buy a second one (I may actually stock up on some extras since my drugstore has them in again). Now she has merged the two sets and likes to work out solutions with the combined pieces.

So she spent hours on the puzzle. When she came up with her first solution she asked for some paper and colours so she could map her solution. I suggested she use graph paper and this is the result...

I just found a site with a bunch of solutions here so I'll have to show that to her later.

Sunday was a hockey game in town for her and Shannon. The local team, the halifax Mooseheads, were losing 5-2 in the second so Catherine and Shannon didn't bother to stay for the third period. After they got back we all went down to Shannon's parents' house for supper and cards.

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